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Made from solid 9ct gold, our 381 pendants come in 3 size choices  and Your choice of diamond sizes within.

My original design was based around the 1/4 carat diamonds from my wife's  diamond studs that were hardly worn.

I designed and created her  381  diamond pendant , which is now worn  24/7.   In the shower,  swimming,  jogging,  everyday.

Over the years my wife has been asked many times what is the meaning of the 381,  with pride she tells of the special gift that was created,

with love form her husband for her wedding anniversary.  When she tells them the meaning of   3 words, 8 letters, with 1 meaning....... I Love You ,

the reaction is always " wow, how romantic ! "

Now you can share your love the  "381"  way.  A gift that will last a lifetime , just like your love..

Prices shown are based on 1/4 carat diamonds

  • $355.00

3 Words
8 Letters
1 Meaning

Think about it...
3 Words, 8 Letters, 1 Meaning

I Love You.