Our Story

381 jewellery was created from the most said three word sentence     on earth ..... " I love you "   this sentence contains,

             3 words, 8 letters and 1 meaning....

 We have set Genuine diamonds within the centre of the eight, making our copyright of design, unique for you  

The meaning of 381 has been around for forever, our range of custom jewellery , made from the finest gold with genuine diamonds, will last forever .... like your love 

It's cryptic, it's slang. It's a different and beautiful way to say.. I love you

We would like to share our unique designed 381 Jewellery pieces with other loving couples that want to share our unique way to say, "I Love You" the 381 way.

All our pieces are designed from the heart, registered and copywritten.

Our Jewellery is hand made and hand finished, completely on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

We will personally answer any questions on (0408) 468 477 between 10am and 10pm.

3 Words
8 Letters
1 Meaning

Think about it...
3 Words, 8 Letters, 1 Meaning

I Love You.