Our Story

On our 33rd  wedding anniversary , I gave my wife a pair of diamond stud earrings,  which she would  hardly wear, as she has lots of different jewellery.

For our 35th I had the diamonds out of her studs set into the centers of the number eight,  in my first 381 pendant.

What is 381, well  it's 3 Words, 8 Letters. 1 Meaning, Think about it, 3 words, with 8 letters and 1 meaning - I love you. Its cryptic, its slang. Its a different way to say "I Love You".   381  became part of my life  when I engraved the numbers on a silver pendant for one of my customers.

Made from a precious metal, solid 9ct Gold   (Precious like you are)   and Pure Diamonds   (Diamonds are forever)   Just like our love. 

Two years after I gave my wife the pendant,  I designed a 381 ring for her and the next year,  she had one made for me from the original moulds.   Now,  we would like to share our unique designed 381 Jewellery pieces with couples that want to share our unique way to say,   "I Love You"  the 381 way.

All our pieces are hand designed,and then hand crafted using only solid,  Pure 9ct Gold and 1st quality genuine Diamonds. Our Jewellery is hand made and hand finished completely in Australia.

3 Words
8 Letters
1 Meaning

Think about it...
3 Words, 8 Letters, 1 Meaning

I Love You.